Welcome to Robonobo online.

Robonobo is a creative collective aimed at exploring science fiction media in the form of writing, images, movies and music. Science fiction is more sophisticated than it is often given credit for. Hollywood would have us believe that sci fi is all about aliens and space-battles, and tends to focus on the ‘nerd demographic’. Here at Robonobo, it’s our goal to reveal the genre to be a rich, stimulating tapestry and a creative and revealing portrait of society, rather than just a geeky sub-culture.

Admittedly, many articles will feature criticism of the iron-fisted grip that Hollywood has over the global movie industry, which I guess makes this ‘counter-culture’ as opposed to ‘sub-culture’. The Hollywood machine has been successfully building huge profits by inflating mediocre scripts with over-paid acting talent and disgusting special effects budgets in a way that panders to the middle-ground, whilst lowering peoples’ expectations of what makes a good movie. Weak-scripted wonders such as ‘Avatar’, just about any super-hero film, or any movie that simply features an A-list actor’s face on the movie poster is bound to get the popcorn flowing, whilst lowering the standard of the cinematic experience. This rant is not over!


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