5 comments on “Getting An Art Job In The Games Industry

    • I got my first job six months after finishing my Masters degree. The company was Cyber Frontiers International in Dunfermline, April 1999. They were a company specialising in touchscreen multimedia technology, and I worked there as an animator and multimedia developer. I got my first games job in October 2002 at Magenta Software in Liverpool. I tend to find that most job opportunities come in through agents such as Datascope and Aardvark Swift, but many games companies allow you to apply directly.

  1. Thank you for the useful information, really helps me a lot
    I am studying Graphics for games and I am in my 2nd year of my education. I was wondering is it possible to write an article for placement in the industry, will be really helpful thank you

    • Truth be told, I don’t know much about the whole placement thing. I got a job straight out of college!
      Aadvark Swift do a programme for graduates and have working relationships with with Blast Furnace, Rockstar and Headstrong Games. I also know that if you want to get a placement at Traveller’s Tales, it’s a good idea to study at Preston University as that’s where they get many of their placement students from. Best advice for getting a placement or a job is build a great portfolio and put yourself out!

      • Thanks for the advice I study in the University of Bradford in UK. I am working on my portfolio and I am doing my best for finding a placement. Thank you again 🙂

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