One comment on “Disney’s Sci-Fi Adventure

  1. I felt for John Carter – awful name, rubbish trailer and the source material had long since been plundered for ideas by shows and films like Star Wars, incidentally, plus planetary romance died as a genre back when they were first peddling 3D as the future of cinema…

    Disney’s moved for Marvel and Pixar and let them get on with it – owning Star Wars and the Indiana Jones franchises will more than off-set high cost follies like Andrew Stanton’s JC pet project, which means they get to keep the creative types happy. And if they remain hands-off, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about.

    Besides, as I wrote in my own ‘ting on Star Wars, it’s not like they can do anything worse than Episode 1. Yeah, they’re kids films, but alluding to a virgin birth? Then there’s the dialogue, the plot, the fact that most of it looked like Lucas’ main focus was on videogame tie-ins and giving work to his in-house effects team…

    So yeah, Disney will have some Star Wars rides at their theme parks, George Lucas won’t be allowed to write dialogue, and it means a new trilogy of films in which we’re waiting impatiently for the lightsaber mayhem. I’m excited…

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